Collaboration & Innovation to Improve Education


NDREA supports the seven REAs in North Dakota

The N.D. Regional Education Association (NDREA) provides support to strengthen the seven regional education service agencies (REAs) across the state. Through these seven REAs we serve 97% of the state’s public schools and more than 110,000 public school students. We believe through collaboration, a systemic approach, solution-oriented strategies and a focus on continuous improvement we can improve the quality of education across North Dakota.

NDREA members (REA directors and representatives from other organizations interested in advancing the NDREA mission) use a systematic approach to effectively share methods and practices that research has found to produce the best performance and results. Members support each other to ensure such practices are modeled in the operation of each respective REA.

NDREA's Core Services

  • Identify and establish clear standards of quality for professional development/learning including standards for quality outcomes and processes.
  • Exercise leadership to plan and implement high-quality programs and services within each REA and statewide
  • Capitalize on new statewide strategic initiative opportunities that will benefit all schools.

Upcoming Events

Statewide Initiatives

Effective Math Instruction

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Family Engagement

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Recent News and Events

K-12 Coordination Council Update!

Educators matter.
We do this work for you and with you to create and sustain opportunities for students. I ask anyone reading this report to do one thing, if nothing else. Pass the gratitude on and tell a teacher why they matter.
-Luke Schaefer, Council Chairman
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Professional development and resources in a centralized location!
Class delivery options include synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid.
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Science of Reading: A Shared Responsibility
House Bill 1388
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Features of Effective Math Instruction in ND
North Dakota's Strategic Vision: Elevating Academic Success in Math Advancing Mathematical Proficiency with a 10% Increase in Learning Gains by 2025-26
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