Statewide initiatives

Designed to establish or expand community learning centers with programs that compliment academics. CONTINUE READING

Put your data to work for you! Through hands-on experiences, learn key guidelines and tips for interpreting… CONTINUE READING

Participants will learn how to be a part of the school team, supervise common areas and independent work… CONTINUE READING

The ND Educational Hub is open to all ND Educators. The HUB is broken down into three domains: School… CONTINUE READING

Professional learning opportunities aligned to help support districts in meeting the literacy requirements… CONTINUE READING

An advocate for high-quality out-of-school-time school programming. CONTINUE READING

NDMTSS is built to provide a cohesive framework customized to match student need. CONTINUE READING

NDMTSS TIPS Needs Assessment provides educators and schools with a tool to assess their progress towards… CONTINUE READING

N.D. State Standards Implementation Guide CONTINUE READING

With the goal of helping every child read by the end of 3rd grade, the ND Reading Corps serves students… CONTINUE READING

NDSBL provides classroom and system supports for curriculum, instruction and assessment. CONTINUE READING

School-Based Medicaid Consortium providing billing and technical assistance to ND special education units. CONTINUE READING

Succeed 2020’s overarching goal is bold and ambitious: successful transition from school to college and… CONTINUE READING

N.D. How-To Guide for Work-Based Learning that engages employers and schools in providing learning experiences… CONTINUE READING