Data Overload? NEW Data Use Standards are Here to Help!

Feeling like you have data overload?

One area we can all work to improve on is the communication and use of DATA!

Data, to say the least, can come in many different forms and used in a multitude of different ways. With so much data being collected in education, it is understandable how people can feel overloaded or confused about what is being collected, when, and about whom. These confusions can lead to the use of inaccurate or misrepresentative data to make decisions (and we DO NOT want that, EVER).

Help is out there! It’s time to ease the confusion.

Fortunately, in 2015 a national group of experts from state and local education agencies, regional service agencies, postsecondary institutions, and state educational data systems proposed a set of Data Use Standards to help ease this confusion and ensure data is being collected, analyzed, and used effectively.

The Data Use Standards include 58 standards identifying specific knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors for effective data utilization. Furthermore, this group has drafted a NEW version (released December 2016) of these standards with applications for teachers, school and district leadership, and data leads. Please use these guides to help ensure you are using data correctly and to the best of your abilities.

Want to see these standards put to the test?

The Data Use Standards website is available now – so get out there and dig in! It also includes real-world examples of applications of these standards in various educational settings.

To access the full list of Data Use Standards and these other resources please follow this link: