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ND Education Hub UPDATE: We're transitioning!

2024-2025 UPDATE: We will be updating and transitioning to our new system the week of August 5th. Please keep in mind we will be finalizing and closing out courses on Tuesday, July 30th in order to facilitate this move. Courses need to be completed in full by July 30th as they will not be available after that date to complete with the system changeover. Please plan accordingly and keep an eye out for additional information to come as we track closer to the process taking place. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to Kevin or Kate for additional help.

K-12 Coordination Council Update!

Educators matter.
We do this work for you and with you to create and sustain opportunities for students. I ask anyone reading this report to do one thing, if nothing else. Pass the gratitude on and tell a teacher why they matter.
-Luke Schaefer, Council Chairman

Science of Reading: A Shared Responsibility

House Bill 1388

Features of Effective Math Instruction in ND

North Dakota's Strategic Vision: Elevating Academic Success in Math Advancing Mathematical Proficiency with a 10% Increase in Learning Gains by 2025-26

MREC Spring Education Networking Fair

April 26 | 3:30-5:30pm, Bismarck Career Academy

LaMoure SmartLab

Principals share their Year 1 experiences.

Data Overload? NEW Data Use Standards are Here to Help!

Feeling like you have data overload?

One area we can all work to improve on is the communication and use of DATA!

Data, to say the least, can come in many different forms and used in a multitude of different ways. With so much data being collected in education, it is understandable how people can feel overloaded or confused about what…

NEW MREC Website Launched!

Check out MREC's new website at

You don't want to miss this!

Top ten reasons why missing the 21st Century Summer Conference is a big mistake.

Full Attendance for the 6th Annual RTI/MTSS Conference

June 6-8th we had a full house for the RTI/MTSS conference.